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Harsh Health Care Center was established to provide affordable services to patients. We strive to instill the “trust” between the doctor and the patient that is essential in the treatment of patients and the process of healing.We bring to all our patients, rich and poor alike, care with a sense of devotion and sincerity. The hospital has well trained staff for efficient patient care and 100% power back up.

The minds behind Harsh Health Care Center have endeavoured to create natural and Ayurvedic products that are purposed towards the detoxification of the body. The ancient therapies and potions have been restored in their original composition that removes the toxins from human body that is ultimately responsible for restoring good health in the long run. The unique methodology of natural healing of mind, body and soul by the ancient vedic system is the essence of Harsh Health Care Center .

We offers a complete range of ayurvedic facilities for Motapa, Hair Loss, Sugar(Diabetes), Pimples, Sex Disease, KIDNEY DISEASE

Our Mission

We provide services to everyone with affordable expense, which will be matched new technology with high quality products which must exceed market trends. To improve the health and healing of people and communities in a compassionate, dignified and distinctive manner.

Our Vision

To be the ultimate and most affordable healthcare destination ”Holistic Centre”.


His 20 years of experience enables him to provide excellent care to our residents.He started his Mission with a philosophy to promote the richness of Ayurveda Tradition by Providing Quality treatment and medicine to Mankind. He also introduced the concept of a Nursing home ( In- Patient Facility ) for Harsh Health Care Centre in Delhi the modified and developed many New Ayurvedic Medicines with proprietary Names keeping in Mind the needs of his patients.

Harsh Health Care Centre is a method of cleansing the body of all the unwanted waste after lubrication it. Harsh Health Care Centre treatment is unique in the sense that it includes preventive; curative and promotive actions for various diseases. Dr. Harsh is passionate about unveiling the secrets from the lair of Ayurveda for the betterment of the people.

Ayurvedic Facilities

We offers a complete range of ayurvedic facilities for Motapa, Hair Loss, Sugar(Diabetes), Pimples, Sex Disease.

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Motapa(मोटापा )

It is very important to keep pace with society where all fit people are around you and you are the only underweight person. So many times, due to those thin bones and malnutrition body, such people have to face shamefulness.


Hair Loss(बाल झड़ना)

Nowadays, the problem of premature hair loss and white has become common nowadays, due to which the beauty of the person decreases, long thick and dark hair is said to be women, it increases their beauty and hair loss.



The problem of sugar is very serious and dangerous problem, in this disease, the pancreas gland in a person's body is unable to function properly due to which insulin is not produced in sufficient quantity.

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